Morgan Eglin is a highly experienced Visual Researcher and Treatment Designer with a vast knowledge of photography, film, art and graphic design. Before going freelance he spent two years working as a Visual Researcher at Partizan UK.

Director Collaborations

Michel Gondry, Olivier Gondry, Antoine Bardou-Jacquet, Michael Gracey, Chris Cairns, Matthias Hoene, Dexter Navy, Martin Stirling, Oliver Jennings, Radical Friend, Nadav Kander, Anthony Wonke, James Curran, Poppy de Villeneuve, Ozzie Pullin, Mary Clerté, Kinga Burza, Michael Williams, Dominic Murphy, Michael Geoghegan, Aitor Throup, Sing J Lee, Tom Beard, Eric Lynne, Giles Ripley, Thomas Hilland, Jim Owen